Latest Horse Racing News (Week 4 January 2018)

Toast of New York to compete in Pegasus World Cup

In the second edition of Pegasus World Cup, one of the richest horseracing tournaments will see the participation of the champion racehorse Toast of New York. The 6 year old champion was spending its 2 years retirement days in Doha until it was decided that it will participate in the Pegasus World Cup to take a chance at winning the $16 million prize. The first prize is $7 million, second prize brings $1.6 million and the prize comes down to $650,000 for the remaining ranks. Although this year’s favourite is Gun Runner, but should Toast of New York wins the tournament then it will be a major outbreak for the six-year-old colt. It is believed that it would be a very big opportunity for Toast since his return, as he had just one win in December and now he now faces off against 11 rivals in the second edition of the world’s richest race.

Ascot race course offers stumping prize money for 2018

The Ascot race course has announced a huge increase in its prize money, almost 10% increase to 7.3 million pounds with each winner getting around 90,000 pounds for each race. The total prize money records to 13.4 million pounds for 25 race days. Ascot race course CEO Guy Henderson believes that the best racehorses can be attracted to the tournament when the prize money is big hence the record increment in the prize money. The Group Onewinners are believed to win around 50,000 pounds.

White Dragon wins Britam Kenya Guineas Race

White Dragon and its rider Leslie Sercombe clinched the trophy in Britam Kenya Guineas tournament with a record time of 1:38 1/10. Although the crowd’s favourite was Busselton with its rider Tanui, who came third in the race. The second spot was grabbed Clothes Horse and its rider Richard Kibet. Serlou has also won the Britam Property Handicap race and Grayham race with White Dragon. The Britam Kenya Guineas race is slowly gaining popularity. It showed an increase in popularity and crowd from 2000 to more than 5000 last year.

Prize increased by 210,000 euros in Grand National festival

The prize money at Randox Health Grand National festival was increased by Aintree to 3,210,000euros which gives it a boost of almost 210,000 euros. The main profit goes to Grade 1 Aintree Hurdle and JLT Melling Chase as prize money is almost 250,000 euros for these two events. The increase in prize money is an attempt to attract the best horses from around the world by keeping the prize money competitive and matching all the levels of horseracing by keeping the prize almost same as well as attractive.


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